My Cats Leg

Just recently my cat, Nigiri, had to have one of his front legs amputated, it was and still is a very emotional time, we couldn’t help to feel pretty guilty since two days before we brought him to the vet we had lost him, we thought that maybe he had just gone for a bit of a wander probably near the house, because he had never gone far, and didn’t try too hard to find him, it was on the third day did we really begin searching, and had found him in a bush, his paw completely mashed up, we could see the bone, there were maggots eating away at his flesh, I broke down crying then and there, we rushed him to the vet, but before we even got there I already had the feeling his leg was going to be amputated.

We were told it was the right decision, bringing him here as fast as we could, confirming my thoughts they told us his leg did indeed have to be amputated, the lady there was handing me and my sister me and my sister tissues, we were all a crying mess, the only thing we wanted at that moment was for our cat to be okay.

A few days after the surgery we were able to bring him home, to our relief he was doing okay, hopping around, but okay, as usual, he would brush against our legs every time he came by, we were mindful of his leg, he fell to the side a few times, but he was fine, the only thing we all had complications with was with his siblings, he has two younger siblings and one older, his younger sister Sushimi and his younger brother Sushi (Yes I named them all after sushi when they were kittens, I was eating sushi and decided “Yeah this will do :)”) and then his older sister Tawny Pelt.

They didn’t want to go near him at all, and they would hiss at him too, we, of course, kept them in separate rooms, but it was heart breaking to see because the days that he was away they were all standing by the window, meowing and calling for him like crazy, but now that he has come back they are acting like they have never seen this cat before, and I understand, but, it still makes me feel sad, right now I’m just hoping they will warm up to him again and realize that it’s the brother they have spent their entire life with, and that’s where I am now.


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